How One Pug Became Two......

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is how it all started......

One night I decided to call the number on an ad I seen for "Pugs For Sale"......just for the hell of it....well...these are the photos they emailed me.

Well it didn't take long for me to make the decision and 8 weeks later, Lola arrived!

 ..... and she fit right into the household immediately.

She just loved her new big brother, Buster and the feelings were mutual.  They were inseparable.

Unfortunately, Buster became sick and passed away in February 2010, but through thick and thin, Lola stuck by him.

After Buster's passing, Lola depended on her other brother, Wizzie, for companionship.

.... but soon realized that Wizzie just didn't appreciate her friendship like Buster did.
 It didn't take long for her depression to set in.
 ....and then she thought that maybe drinking would solve the problem...
 .... but that didn't work either.  She decided to just sleep her days just wasn't fun anymore.

Then, one day, I see that same ad again "Pugs for Sale" and it wasn't long after that, that Black Betty Boop arrived by jet airliner, travelling with her sister Bella (who belongs to another happy family).
 This is our first meeting.

Then it was home bound to meet Lola but she sure was jet-lagged.
In no time, two became three....and it's one happy family.  
Very sadly, Black Betty Boop passed away tragically just over a year old.

Both Lola and Wizzie were missing Betty too much so we decided to add Good Golly Miss "Molly" to our household.  They both love her.  Here she is.

Molly getting bigger every day.

Lola making sure Wizzie doesn't go near her baby sister, Molly lol

Molly's impersonation of ET lol

"It's a Pug's World After All"


  1. Great blog! I added you in my Google Reader.
    Mary Lou from PugSpot

  2. Thanks! I'm following your blog...great vintage pics!

  3. They are beautiful and playful dogs

  4. I love pugs,and this blog sure had a creat introducion,and those pugs sure have theyre story to tell.

  5. About 12 years ago now Shadow was with me going on her ninth birthday. Her mother got out of the house one day and Shadow was a mix between a Himalayan cat and a tom cat. Oh, but she was so beautiful. Medium gray color and length to her fur, with the brightest green eyes you'd ever seen.

    She had a habit of licking the fur from her body when we were not home. The Vet said it was her nerves, she is up set.

    He told us to put her on human birth control pills or get her a brother or sister. Guess which one I chose?

    Shadow wanted nothing to do with another cat in the house, other than her family, she wanted to be left alone. Almost a year later, early Saturday husband woke me frantically, saying...somethings wrong with Shadow.

    I jumped out of bed and almost fell because I failed to remove all the blankets on me. She was my baby and all I cared about was getting to her.

    She was leaning to the side, her tongue hanging out and her beautiful green eyes hazed. See...when I chose to get here a companion instead of the pills, the Vet failed to tell me about a disease called feline leukemia that could cost Shadow her life.

    I never left her side, even when my knees buckled below me as they had to give her another shot to her heart. She was my baby and I was not leaving her alone.

    A few weeks later when I went to bed, curled behind my husband...I felt the foot of the bed bounce. It was Shadow! I called to her and said come lay down with momma...I felt the covers pull down behind me as she laid down to sleep with me one last time.

    After a long time of grieving I thought I would find another special cat like Shadow, but there just weren't any that I could find. She was just special.

    After my divorce about 12 years later, now living in Florida and 1500 miles away from my sons and family...I was so lonely that I set out to try again. I picked up the Sunday paper and found an add for a baby pup (chihuahua) I named him Patches, now 5 yrs old and he has a brother named Gizmo now 2 yrs old.

    I am very happy again and I know Shadow is no longer suffering. Many people think a pet is just a pet, but that is so far from the truth.

    You wouldn't adopt a child and then say he's just a kid! He/she is now a part of your family. They hurt when you hurt, get sick when you get sick and miss you dearly until you walk back through that door. So remember them always, especially on their birthdays...THEY ARE YOUR FAMILY TOO!!!

    1. So sorry to hear about Shadow. I can so relate to how you feel. I agree, our pets are family. Enjoy your time with Patches and Gizmo. So nice that Patches now has a brother.

      Thanks for viewing my blog.

  6. My Maggie (Chow Chow) will be 2 years old this coming May. I've been very happy to have her since her very first day in my house. Just like Lola, I bought her in an ad I saw.

    Everyday she makes me happy. Every morning she's the one who wakes me up to walk with her here in a basket ball court near us. There's no day that I feel happy being with her. And right now she's looking at me while I'm writing this comment. I love Maggie a lot!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog Kee. So nice to hear how happy Maggie makes you! Pets are great!!

  7. Hey Glo...

    Awesome read....

  8. Love your blog. Have read it a couple of times now. I'm waiting for the next one....

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