How One Pug Became Two......

Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is how it all started......

One night I decided to call the number on an ad I seen for "Pugs For Sale"......just for the hell of it....well...these are the photos they emailed me.

Well it didn't take long for me to make the decision and 8 weeks later, Lola arrived!

 ..... and she fit right into the household immediately.

She just loved her new big brother, Buster and the feelings were mutual.  They were inseparable.

Unfortunately, Buster became sick and passed away in February 2010, but through thick and thin, Lola stuck by him.

After Buster's passing, Lola depended on her other brother, Wizzie, for companionship.

.... but soon realized that Wizzie just didn't appreciate her friendship like Buster did.
 It didn't take long for her depression to set in.
 ....and then she thought that maybe drinking would solve the problem...
 .... but that didn't work either.  She decided to just sleep her days just wasn't fun anymore.

Then, one day, I see that same ad again "Pugs for Sale" and it wasn't long after that, that Black Betty Boop arrived by jet airliner, travelling with her sister Bella (who belongs to another happy family).
 This is our first meeting.

Then it was home bound to meet Lola but she sure was jet-lagged.
In no time, two became three....and it's one happy family.  
Very sadly, Black Betty Boop passed away tragically just over a year old.

Both Lola and Wizzie were missing Betty too much so we decided to add Good Golly Miss "Molly" to our household.  They both love her.  Here she is.

Molly getting bigger every day.

Lola making sure Wizzie doesn't go near her baby sister, Molly lol

Molly's impersonation of ET lol

"It's a Pug's World After All"